Change the way visually impaired children learn

Together we offer children with visual impairments the opportunity to discover the world by themselves and become independent adults.


Change the way visually impaired children learn

Together we offer children with visual impairments the opportunity to discover the world by themselves and become independent adults.



The place where you can create interactive drawings

Creating your own interactive drawings for children with visual impairments is easy, even if you do not have any artistic skills. Use the library of predefined illustrations or upload your own, and when you add the descriptions think about what the child would like to know about the drawing!

How do you use the software?

Image Creator has two main components: the part where you create drawings and the part where you add descriptions to the drawings.

 You can choose to draw in several ways:

  1. Drag & drop predefined illustrations
  2. Free drawing (similar to Paint)
  3. Create the contour of photos
  4. Create maps (using Google Maps)

 After you have created the drawing, it’s time to turn it into an interactive drawing. How? By creating areas of interest to which you add custom descriptions that the Tactile Images READER app will read.

 You can add several types of descriptions:

  1. The tile – The description of the drawing
  2. Descriptions associated with the areas of interest
  3. The QR Code – General culture type of information


The assistant app for independent study

Studying with the app assistant is just being in a classroom where you have the full attention of the teacher. The app describes the drawings just like a teacher and gives specialized information to help children with visual impairments enhance their general culture.

How do you use the app?

First of all, download a drawing from the Library or create your own using the Image Creator and emboss the drawing!

Position the phone above the drawing, and the app will read the QR Code placed in the right-left corner and tell you the title of the drawing

Then, position the index finger on the Braille-written title*, and the app will give you the description of the drawing

*(available for the drawings in our Library)

Initially, the exploration of the drawing is done with two hands. Then, if you want to find out the description of a certain area, all you have to do is point with the index finger. Preferably, clench your fist and extend the index finger as if you were pointing to something. The app identifies the position of the finger and sends a beep every time it stays in an area of interest (area with descriptions). If you are steady, after a couple of seconds, the app sends 3 beeps and delivers the audio description of the area of interest

Touch the QR Code to listen to specialized information about the drawing! 

    What does Tactile Images mean for a blind child?

    With Tactile Images, a blind children can discover the world independently. He can find out how objects he otherwise does not have access to look. He can also listen to specialized information about the drawing, that helps enhance his general culture.

    Help us make this possible for as many children with visual impairments as possible, help them discover the world and integrate easily into society!

    Interactive drawings mean independence for blind children

    Download or create interactive drawings

    Emboss the drawings

    Download the Tactile Images READER assistant app

    Explore the drawings independently


    I must say that I am fascinated by a part of your work. The website and the software you created have a high educational value. FIrstly, I am very interested in the way the image creation software works. I also have a strong interest in the potential of the adapted printer, with wood adhesive, meant to emboss the drawings.

    These two proposals would be of great interest to teachers, who wouldn’t have to waste their time with embossing in other ways any more. What is more, these could facilitate school-family partnerships.. And we need parents and teachers to be partners in education, especially now, when the pandemic has messed things up.

    Anca Corcheș

    Special needs educator, LSDV Cluj

    The Tactile Images Project is made possible thanks to generous contributions from our sponsors and backers. If you want to become a partner, let us know at

    Let’s join forces

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