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The image shows a table viewed from above, on which are set, according to certain rules, plates, glasses, cutlery and napkins, in a simplified way, for fewer dishes to be served by one person.

In the central part are laid the service or diner plate, used for the main course, rendered by a larger circle, on which stands the soup bowl, rendered by a smaller circle inside the large circle, both being outlined in bold.

The plates are laid one on top of the other, starting with the bowl above and ending with the plate below, in the same order in which the dishes are served, starting with the soup and ending with a main course.

To the left of the diner plate is a fork, used for the main course and marked by a blank shape with sharp and parallel teeth at the top and a long handle at the bottom.

To the right of the diner plate is the knife, right next to the edge of the plate and the soup spoon to the right of the knife, both cutlery being rendered in blank shapes with long handles. The spoon and the knife are placed on a paper napkin, located below, to the right of the plate, folded. It initially has the shape of a square, but after folding it has the shape of a triangle, highlighted embossed.

Above the diner plate, in the center, there are two other smaller cutlery, the lower one being the fruit or dessert fork and the upper one being the dessert spoon. These are also rendered in blank shapes, but positioned horizontally, unlike those on the left and right of the plate, placed vertically.

Up, to the left of the dessert cutlery, is the bread or butter plate, highlighted by a smaller circle inside of which is a tiny outlined in bold circle.

Up, to the right of the dessert cutlery is the water glass, viewed from above and highlighted by a small circle. The glass stands on a long leg with a round base at the bottom. The leg holds the large glass cup on top, in which the water is poured. The cup has a round edge, so the glass, seen from above, looks round.

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