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The image shows an electric device designed for automatic washing of laundry, that is clothes and other textiles of different materials. It is called a washing machine, it has a square shape, viewed from the front and positioned vertically.

Like the stove, the washing machine has the shape of a box with a round door in the middle where the clothes are put inside to be washed. The machine is equipped with a hose which supplies the machine with water, before starting the washing program, and through which it expels the used and dirty water, together with the rest of the detergent foam, during the washing program and after the final spin.

At the top of the machine is illustrated the control panel with the buttons for selecting the washing program and other complementary functions. The bar is rendered by a rectangle elongated horizontally and filled with polka dot texture.

On the left side of the control panel are the display and the on / off and key lock buttons. The display where can be seen the stage of the current cycle or program, is highlighted by a horizontal rectangle, filled with texture of thick, vertical and parallel lines.

The round button on the right is for program selection. The cycles are displayed around it, marked as a texture of horizontal and parallel lines, and the button must be rotated so that the arrow on it is fixed in front of the symbol for the desired program.

The washing cycle must be chosen before starting the machine, and is designed according to the type of textiles that need to be washed. There are cycles for wool, cotton, synthetic, delicate or anti-stain. Each cycle has different functions, for example the water used for washing can be cold, warm or hot, and then the temperature is chosen, or the cycle can have more or less rinsing and spinning. The Spin cycle is the function by which clothes are spin at an extremely high speed, so that moisture is extracted at the end of the wash cycle. Thus, laundry can dry faster when they are removed and hung.

The round door of the washing machine is rendered by an embossed circle. It remains closed and locked throughout an entire cycle.

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