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The image shows an electrical device used for mixing preparations, called a hand mixer. It is viewed from one side, and is placed in an upright position, with the body at the top and the two beaters at the bottom.

The device consists of the main body which has a square shape, with a rounded top handle and a straight bottom base. The soft grip handle is represented by a dotted texture, and the body case of the mixer below, inside of which the electric motor is located, is rendered by the texture of parallel and horizontal lines.

Inside the plastic case of the mixer is an electric motor, located at the front, on the left side, that spins the beaters under it, in the case of this mixer being two beaters. The beaters are a kind of stainless steel legs or rods, spiral-shaped or ending in a pair of two rectangular frames crossing each other. In any form, the purpose is to mix the ingredients in the bowl until a homogeneous paste is obtained, with or without foam. The foam is obtained by mixing egg whites, for example. The spiral-shaped mixing devices are called dough hooks, that is they are used for mixing dough, and the ones illustrated here are called turbo beaters.

The two beaters are highlighted by two vertical and parallel lines, which descend from the base of the device to the bottom and end in two vertical rectangles cut by two vertical lines.

At the top left end, on the handle, is the beater ejector button, which is activated by pressing it. It is rendered in a small, embossed shape.

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