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The image shows a cooker, called a gas stove, consisting of a hob at the top, and an oven at the bottom.

The stove is viewed from the front and positioned vertically. At the top, the gas hob is fixed in a horizontal position above the oven and the pair of front burners can be seen from one side.

The burners or the cooking zones are round and made up of a round plate or disc made of heavy metal that heats up the food  placed over that burners can be cooked.

Because the hob is viewed from one side, the four burners cannot be seen as in the case of the electric hob viewed from above, but are rendered as two narrow and horizontal rectangles, filled with the texture of thick, vertical and parallel short lines. These are located at the top of the stove, one on the left and one on the right.

Below the hob comes immediately the control bar or panel where the control buttons are positioned. They can have various functions, positioned differently, depending on the type of stove, such as: start / stop, timer to monitor the evolution of each type of food, lock buttons, adjust power levels.

The control bar is marked as an elongated rectangle, horizontally positioned, filled with polka dot texture.

The buttons are pushed and turned to the right to light the fire, in the case of the hob and oven, adjusting the size of the flame by turning to the left or right, respectively for increasing or reducing the flame. The buttons are highlighted by embossed circles.

For this stove model, the four buttons on the right are for the four burners of the hob, the one at the left end is the timer, and the one in the middle is for the oven.

The oven has the shape of a blank square, with a wide and embossed rectangle in the middle. This is the oven door window. Inside the oven you can feel two other thin and horizontal rectangles filled with the texture of short, vertical and parallel lines. These are the two levels on which the food pots can be placed and cooked. They look like metal grills. They are meant to roast or grill the food.

Between the control bar and the oven door is also illustrated the handle of the oven door, highlighted by the dotted texture.

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