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The image shows an electrical device used to mix, grind, chop or mash fruits, vegetables, cereals or other raw or cooked food. Thus, the machine has several built-in functions, including that of the mixer. It is called a blender, is viewed from the front, and is placed upright, with the body at the bottom and the container or cup or pitcher in which the preparations are processed at the top.

The device consists of the main body which has a square shape towards the base and which narrows towards the cup at the top. It is represented by the texture of parallel and horizontal lines. In the middle is the speed control button, which rotates, being marked by an embossed circle. The blank vertical line in the center of the circle is the speed indicator that must be in line with the chosen speed around the button.

Inside the plastic case of the blender is an electric motor that spins the blades above the blender case, located inside the cup, at its base. The blender blade is made of stainless steel, consisting of two or four thin slices of stainless steel with sharp sides and arched and sharp ends, which, spun at high speed, can grind and mash any hard vegetable or other solid ingredient to puree.

The blender blade is highlighted by two broken, thickened lines, one to the left and one to right, placed in the middle of the mixing bowl base.

The blender pitcher, cup or bowl is a strong glass or plastic container in which the food to be crushed or mashed is placed through the top and then the pitcher is closed with the stay-put lid and the ingredient cap, located on top, rendered embossed.

In the upper left corner, at the edge of the vessel, there is a sharp tip, through which the resulting composition is poured from the cup after blending.

To the right of the pitcher is the handle, from which the bowl can be carried and used as a normal cup. It is rendered with the texture of horizontal and parallel lines.

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