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This is the map of the Văcărești Natural Park in Bucharest. Legend of the map is available in the Tactile Image application.

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The Văcărești Natural Park in Bucharest is to be completed by the Văcărești Natural Park Association, in district four, in the area that includes Văcărești Lake in the south of the capital, a swampy area parallel to the Dâmbovița River.

Lake Văcărești was to be part of the hydrological defense system of Bucharest against floods. The works started at the end of the communist period, the reason of the Romanian Communist Party for which the Văcărești Monastery was demolished. However, after the year one thousand nine hundred eighty nine, the work ceased, so that today it remains one of the great unfinished projects of the communist period. (1) From May, two thousand and fifteen, the Romanian State becomes the owner and administrator of the Văcărești Lake area again.

In the last twenty years, this swampy area has been completely neglected, and its growing nature has made its presence known. Here has developed a diverse vegetation with many living things, over a hundred species of birds, including herons, egrets, seagulls, swans, wild ducks, as well as aquatic animals such as water snakes, but also foxes, rabbits, otters. (1)

In addition to species and natural habitats, the area also offers a magnificent landscape and a very interesting contrast between the congested urban area and the natural wetland with large areas filled with reeds, swamps, trees and vegetation specific to swampy areas. (2)

The Văcărești Natural Park is to be approved by Government Decision, and its establishment process is in an advanced stage of completion. (2)


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