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The image shows the map of Arad County, located in the western edge of the country, delimited by the neighboring counties and Hungary in the west, by a thickened, irregular and closed line.

The neighboring counties are: to the north – Bihor, to the northeast – Alba, to the east – Hunedoara, to the south – Timiș.

In its southeast is illustrated the county seat, respectively Arad, marked by an embossed square.

The map shows the dominant relief forms of Arad county, respectively the mountain area, with its highest ridges, which covers almost three thirds of the territory, in the central and western part, and the hill and plateau area being narrower, located on the eastern edge. In the southern part are the Lipova Hills, the area of ​​tourist and spa importance. Here is the Băile Lipovei resort that exploits some of the springs for their the carbonated mineral waters, discovered, according to tradition, by some shepherds. The hills of Lipova have many tourist attractions of a historical and religious nature, such as: Maria Radna Monastery of Catholic rite, with organ and two tall towers, the Turkish Bazaar in the center of Lipova, a monumental-historical building preserved since the Ottoman rule that lasted until the year one thousand seven hundred and eighteen. Other historical monuments in Lipova are the Orthodox Church of the Assumption, termed the Falling Asleep of Mary, the Lipova Museum and the Șoimoș Fortress documented from the year one thousand two hundred and seventy-eight. (1)

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