Image description

The image shows the map of Alba county, located in the central western part of the country, delimited by the neighboring counties by a thickened, irregular and closed line.

The neighboring counties are: to the north – Cluj, to the northeast – Mureș, to the east – Sibiu, to the south – Vâlcea, to the west – Hunedoara, to the northwest – Arad and Bihor.

In its center is illustrated the county seat, respectively Alba Iulia, marked by an embossed square.

The map shows the dominant relief forms of Alba county, respectively the mountain area, with its highest peaks and ridges, which extends in the northeast, east and is also found in the south, together with the hill and plateau area, which extends towards northwest and west.

The hill and plateau area is rendered by dotted texture, and the mountain area is represented by grid texture, respectively parallel vertical lines superimposed on horizontal ones.

In the lower left corner of the page is an arrow pointing upwards, indicating the geographical North.

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