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The image shows the map of Alba county, located in the central western part of the country, delimited by the neighboring counties by a thickened, irregular and closed line.

The neighboring counties are: to the north – Cluj, to the northeast – Mureș, to the east – Sibiu, to the south – Vâlcea, to the west – Hunedoara, to the northwest – Arad and Bihor.

In its center is illustrated the county seat, respectively Alba Iulia, marked by an embossed square.

The map shows the hydrographic network of Alba County, respectively the main rivers that cross the territory, rendered by thinner, wavy lines, next to the largest lakes, marked by blank circles, along with the most important economic and cultural cities in the county, besides the county seat, which has the densest population and is also the administrative and political center. The other cities are highlighted by thickened squares, smaller in size than that of the county seat.

The territory of the county is crossed to the north by the river Arieș which passes through the city of Baia de Arieș, then in the central part by the river Mureș which also passes through the county seat, and receives its following tributaries: the stream Sebeș which passes through the city of Sebeș, in the south,  the stream Ampoi, which flows into Mureș river crossing the county from northeast to south center, then the river Târnava Mică in northwest, passing through the town of Jidvei, the famous one for its vine culture with the most valuable vineyards and wines, along with stream Târnava Mare in the west, both springing from the Eastern Carpathians, namely the Centre group, located in the western part of the country.

The cities shown are those with a population of up to fifty thousand inhabitants, respectively Sebeș in the south, Aiud in the north and Blaj in the west, at the confluence of Târnava rivers.

In the lower left corner of the page is an arrow pointing upwards, indicating the geographical North.

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