Image description

This map marks all of the territories that have ever been governed by the Romanian State. There are several maps from several time periods overlapping here. This map is composed of Transylvania (on the left, with a wavy texture), Northern Bukovina (on the top, with a wavy texture) and Bessarabia (on the right, also with a wavy texture). Moldova is represented with vertical lines. An area with full, protruded texture represents Transdniester (Transnistria), Odessa, and the northern part of the Danube Delta. Muntenia (Ţara Românească/ Wallachia) is shown through dots. Dobrudja is represented by x-s. The area directly underneath Dobrudja, with a wavy texture, depicts 2 (two) counties that presently belong to Bulgaria but that were part of Greater Romania in the interwar period.


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