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The image shows a luxury ship, small to medium sized, mechanically propelled by an engine, called a yacht, viewed from above and directed to the left.

The yacht is a vessel that carries a small number of passengers on board, has a deck and cabins, is equipped with leisure facilities such as swimming pool, jacuzzi, bar and is used in cruise tourism, for pleasure travel.

The outer shell of the ship is called the hull and is rendered embossed, has an elongated, rectangular shape, higher on the roof of the central cabins, and narrowed to the left, where it elongates until it becomes sharp at the front or bow.

In the central part of the deck, or of the platform at the surface of the ship, is located the superstructure of the cabin, rendered by domed shapes and embossed, blank outlined, with a sharp point to the left.

The window of the cabins below the superstructure, in the central and left part, have domed shapes, elongated towards the left tips and marked by two blank strips, vertical and parallel.

The captain quarters are located at the stern of the vessel.

To the right is the higher part of the deck, reserved for the captain’s cabin, highlighted by a large square, blank outlined, in the center of which is illustrated a smaller embossed square, where is located the control panel.

In the center of the control panel on the right are two seats with the rudder or the steering gear

The seats are highlighted by two small, blank squares, to the right of which is the control center and the rudder, the rotating piece that serves to maintain or change the direction of travel of the yacht, rendered by parallel and vertical lines in a blank square.

To the right of the command center, towards the stern or the rear, there is a ladder, which connects the deck with the floor of the captain’s cabin, being represented by a horizontal, embossed rectangle.

Also in the stern area are the signal receivers for the ship’s mechanisms and the receiver’s battery, which provide power.

Additional information

The yacht is a watercraft with fine forms, used for pleasure or sports, provided with a motor or sails and intended for the transport of a small number of passengers. Yacht lenghts normally range from 7 meters to 30 meters (even hundreds of meters).

The yachts are equipped with several cabins. Yachts above 15 meters length are called “mega yachts” or “superyachts”. They have a professional crew, made up of at least two people (captain and flight attendant). The 40-meter luxury yachts are equipped with modern facilities, from air conditioning to television.

Yachts are made of fiberglass, wood, steel, aluminum and, rarely, ferrocement. They are used for pleasure trips, in the family, private parties, sports races, etc

The first yachts were built in the 17th century, in the Netherlands, being intended as gifts between royal houses. The term originates from the Dutch word jacht (which means ,,hunt”), and originally referenced light, fast sailing vessels that the Dutch Republic’s navy used to pursue pirates around and into the shallow waters of the Low Countries. The yacht was popularized by Charles II of England as a pleasure or recreation vessel following its restoration in 1660. At the end of the 19th century, the production of yachts for leisure trips by sea and for racing increased.

On August 24, 2019, after a 18-month period of work, it was built in Tulcea, the world’s largest and most advanced research and expedition vessel.

The vessel is 183 meters long and can carry 55 scientists and 35 crew members simultaneously.


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