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The image shows from side, facing left, the first Romanian steam locomotive.

The iron car body or exterior skeleton is marked embossed.

The locomotive consists, from right to left, of: the driver’s cab rendered embossed, the heavy iron frame on whose roof are mounted the steam and safety pipes and, lastly, the smoke box, with a rounded edge.

On the right edge, below the driver’s cab, is an iron ladder, rendered by four horizontal lines, short, thick and parallel.

The two pairs of wheels at the base, connected with an iron rod, shown only as two wheels from side, are highlighted by blank circles, cut by a thick, horizontal line.

The base of the locomotive is highlighted by a narrow and elongated rectangle, filled with the texture of oblique and parallel lines.

In front of the locomotive, at the bottom left, is the buffer, a thick disc or pad made of heavy iron, rendered embossed, with the role of keeping a certain distance between the wagons or between the buffer from the terminus station and to cushion the shocks while driving.

A man is standing in the right bottom corner, thus positioned to facilitate the comparison of the dimensions of the locomotive to the height of an adult.

Additional data

In the history of Romanian entrepreneurship, Nicolae Malaxa was noted during his activity through several awards: the production of the first locomotive and the first car in the Romanian factories, set up and owned by Romanian owners.

In 1927, Nicolae Malaxa set up the Locomotive Factory – N. Malaxa SAR, which started operating from 1928, and whose managing director was. In the same year, in September, the first Malaxa locomotive was produced, which was put into service in December 1928. It was a G 10 type freight locomotive, manufactured under the Borsig license.

The locomotive, named King Mihai, could reach a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour and a weight of 67, 8 tons and a power of 1100 hp.

On the present territory of Romania, however, the first locomotive was produced in 1872 in Reșița, being called Resicza. It was a steam engine designed by John Haswell .

The locomotive had a track gauge of 948 mm, a weight of 9.05 tonnes and a length of 4,470 meters.


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