Image description

The image shows from side, facing left, a model of locomotive responsible for the propulsion with the help of the Diesel engine of the other cargo wagons.

The locomotive is represented in the shape of a rectangle, at the base of which are two pairs of wheels, left, and three other pairs, right, joined by an iron coupling rod, propelled by traction motors, rendered as five blank circles, crossed on the center by a horizontal and thickened line.

The right end of the locomotive shows the driver’s cab, which has the door shown in the form of a vertical rectangle, outlined with a blank line.

The door has a small window at the top, next to two other cab windows, top right, all three highlighted by blank squares.

In front of the door, at the bottom of it, there is a two-step staircase, marked by two horizontal rectangles, blank outlined.

The car body or outer shell of the locomotive is rendered embossed.

The right side of the locomotive consists of the diesel engine and generator box, which has three metal doors in the car body, marked by rectangles, blank outlined.

At the right and left edge of the locomotive, on the lower bar, are placed two buffers, from side being shown only one on each edge, highlighted by a small and thick rectangle, used in order to keep a certain distance between the wagons and to cushion the shocks between them while moving.

In the upper left corner is the headlight that illuminates or signals in front.

A man is standing in the right bottom corner, thus positioned to facilitate the comparison of the dimensions of the locomotive to the height of an adult.

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