Image description

The image shows from side, directed to the left, a model of a helicopter, with which the leader of the Communist Party of Romania fled, at the 1989 Revolution.

The metal alloy body or outer shell, called the fuselage, is domed and voluminous, with a flattened muzzle and elongated tail, represented embossed.

The propeller, which propels the helicopter, centrally positioned on the roof, is rendered by a thick and horizontal line, crossed in the middle by a vertical and short axis.

Unlike the wings of the airplane, the propeller of the helicopter is the main component that provides propulsion and lift, consisting of two main rotor blades or horizontal wings, which rotate around the vertical rotor mast or axis.

There is a smaller propeller mounted on the tail of the helicopter, called tail rotor, rendered by an inclined plus, fixed on a central vertical line.

Also towards the tail of the helicopter, the right edge, there are side horizontal stabilizers, two short wings which control the pitch, highlighted by a thickened and horizontal line.

The windshield of the cockpit or the pilot cabin, the left edge, is marked by blank vertical rectangles, and the windows from the passenger seats, center, are marked by four smaller, horizontal rectangles.

The cockpit door and passenger door are rendered by two blank outlined squares.

The wheels of the landing gear are rendered by two thickened circles, at the base of the fuselage, left and right.

General information

December 1989 would become the scene of a real carnage in Romania, which culminated in the execution of the dictatorial couple Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu. Thus, on December 21, 1989, the president of communist Romania would attend a rally in Bucharest, hoping that he would be able to calm the heated spirits (Bibliography 1). His plan did not work, however, and the next day at 12:06 pm, the Ceausescus had to board a plane on the roof of the Central Committee of the Communist Party building to flee to Snagov (Bibliography 2).

The helicopter with which the two fled was a French one, of the SA365 “Dauphin” type, in the VIP edition (Bibliography 3). Between 1979-1980, Ceaușescu had bought four such helicopters, but only two from the VIP edition (Bibliography 4). In any case, their plan to flee would not be successful, and they were soon captured and executed on December 25, 1989 at the military barracks in Târgoviște.


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