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The image shows a vehicle specially built to fly in outer space, called the orbiter, being propelled into the air, at takeoff, by a rocket booster or a launch vehicle, from which it subsequently detaches, returning to Earth by landing, after completing its mission.

In the image above, the space shuttle is illustrated viewed from above, pointing with the conical tip to the left.

It has an aircraft-like body or fuselage, but wider, with an outer shell specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, negative or positive, also called thermal shield.

The fuselage of the space shuttle is rendered embossed, with an elongated rectangular shape, with the muzzle narrowed into a rounded tip.

On the left is the flight deck for the crew of astronauts or cosmonauts, piloting the ship, and is provided with a narrow windshield, in the form of a thick and empty semicircle.

On either side of the main body, made of the cargo bay, up and down, starting from the center and extending to its posterior half, two delta wings are attached, in the form of two triangles with slightly curved sides and rounded tips, filled with dotted texture.

At the lower end, or the shuttle tail, are the two propellant tanks for orbital maneuvering engines, being represented by two small, horizontal and elongated shapes, with a rounded snout, full in relief.

The engine is operated by the pressure of a gas flowing through the rear of the vehicle at extremely high speed through a supersonic steel nozzle at the base of the engine.

The main engine nozzles are rendered by two squares, one on the left and one on the right, joined by the base of the two engines, and rendered embossed.

Between the two engines is the vertical wing, called the vertical stabilizer, with the role of controlling the yaw, and is rendered by a horizontal line, filled with dotted texture.

The image below shows the space shuttle viewed from side and pointing to the right.

The elongated body or fuselage is shown embossed.

The delta wings in the center are highlighted by a very thin, horizontal rectangle, located at the bottom edge of the orbiter, filled with dotted texture.

Towards the conical muzzle of the orbiter, on the right, is illustrated the crew cabin with the windshield marked by an elongated and horizontal blank circle.

Towards the tail of the shuttle, on the left, the vertical stabilizer is attached at the top, represented by a dotted texture.

Below this are the engines, highlighted by a rectangle with a curved and rounded right side, embossed.

To the left of the engine is the nozzle through which the gas and fluid are discharged, rendered also embossed.

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