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The image shows a segment of a railway line, viewed from above, positioned horizontally, ending in the right edge.

This rail transport or the track enables trains that transport freight or passengers to move by rolling its conical shaped wheels on the metal rails.

The track is rendered by two horizontal and parallel lines, thickened, crossed by rectangular iron bars, represented by vertical embossed rectangles, elongated and narrow.

The end of the railway is marked, on the right side, by two small and embossed rectangles, positioned at the right edge of the track.

These barriers end the route and close the track, and are located in the terminus stations, the final destination of trains arriving at the station.

Such a terminus station is the North Railway Station in Bucharest.

Additional data

The railway is a way of communication and means  land transport, intended for the movement of vehicles by running on rails or cables.

It consists of a set of constructions and installations with the help of which the circulation of the rolling stock (train, wagons) is ensured in order to carry out the transports of passengers and material goods.

The railway is one of the most complex engineering works, considering the extremely varied character of the constructions and installations that compose it on the one hand, their volume and spread on the other hand.

A railway that connects two or more localities together is usually called a line (railway). Between two localities (stations, stations) a railway can be single or double, the latter allowing simultaneous train traffic in both directions, without requiring “crossings” in stations.

The railway consists of the actual running line of trains, functional works such as bridges, footbridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc., constructions for passenger service and freight traffic (passenger buildings, platforms, warehouses, triage, etc.), automation, centralization and block installations, as well as telecommunications and construction installations necessary for the repair, maintenance, equipment and supply of rolling stock.

Types of railway: normal gauge, wide gauge and narrow gauge.


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