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The image shows the portrait of the famous artist Andrea Bocelli, Italian tenor of pop, classical and opera music, a man of sixty, keeping his eyes closed, smiling, with short hair, round face, wide forehead, elongated ears, elegantly dressed in a classic suit.

The hair is slightly wavy, voluminous, combed on the back, middle parted, and marked embossed.

The eyebrows are bushy, arched towards the ends, highlighted by two thick lines, on the left and right of the face, under the forehead.

The eyelashes under the eyelids are rendered by a thin curved line, and the nose is long, with wide nostrils and a slightly pointed tip.

The lips are thin, stretched, represented by two thickened lines, arched in a semicircle, and close together.

He wears a bow tie at the base of his neck that is marked embossed, above a shirt highlighted with a dotted texture.

The suit jacket is rendered with a wavy texture.

Additional information

Andrea Bocelli was born on September twenty two, 1958, in the commune of Lajatico in the province of Pisa-Tuscany, Italy, in a family of farmers. Since then, he has been diagnosed with glaucoma, an eye disease that leads to narrowing of the visual field and progressive loss of vision, completely blinding at the age of twelve, following a football accident.

However, his childhood was enriched by the sounds of many musical instruments and melodic rhythms, learning to play guitar, flute, trumpet, harp and drums. Moreover, being in a situation where many would give up, in the same year, 1970, he won his first musical competition, Margherita d’Oro in Viareggio, performing “O sole mio”. (Bibliography 1)

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Pisa, the young lawyer continued his musical career in parallel, being trained in classes by the Italian tenor Franco Corelli. His debut album was released in 1994, named after the song that won the San Remo Festival, respectively Il mare calmo della sera. (Bibliography 2)

The famous song “Con te partiró”, which has become his hit since then, was also recorded in the version “Time to say goodbye”, which he often performed with English soprano Sarah Brightman, accompanied by The London Symphony Orchestra. The artist enters the world’s music charts with the album Romanza, a best-seller with over twenty million copies sold worldwide. (Bibliography 3)

There will be album releases that will conquer the whole world and will include the most famous and beloved songs, popular internationally and classics to listen to today, for the nostalgia of the past. These pop and opera hits, recorded in Italian, Spanish and English, include: Con te partiró, Vivo per lei, The Prayer, Quizás, Quizás, Quizás, Bésame Mucho, Historia De Amor, Cuando me enamoro, Rapsody.

Many of his recordings, which became hits abroad, were sung in enchanting duets, highlighting the artists’ voices, accompanied by many talented sopranos and famous pop singers such as Celine Dion (The Prayer), Sarah Brightman (Time to say goodbye), Jeniffer Lopez (Quizas, Quizas, Quizas), Laura Paussini (Vivo per lei).

In 2003, part of the beach in Jesolo, on the Adriatic coast, was named Andrea Bocelli, and in 2006, Bocelli will influence the municipality of his hometown to build an open-air theater, the “Theater of Silence” (Teatro del Silenzio), which is open only one night, every year, in July, for shows, at which the artist is not absent. On March two, 2010, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to the theater. (Bibliography 1)

In March 2014, Andrea Bocelli married his life partner, Veronica Berti, who is also the artist’s manager, and the lovely mother of his children. A man attached to his beautiful family and his motherland, he also has an old but burning passion for horses, stating that these intelligent animals, athletic but able to understand the emotions of their riders and show affection, reunite him with nature and freedom, along with the sound of sea waves. (Bibliography 4)

In 2011, he set up the Foundation, which bears his name, and which supports people in need around the world, especially in the fields of education and health.



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