The image shows the portrait of Princess Margareta of Romania, front view.
She is a woman in her 50s, with short styled hair, thick and arched eyebrows, long and prominent nose, dressed in a suit.
The texture of small and crowded Xs represents voluminous hair, combed to one side with bangs.
The collar of the jacket is open, represented by wavy texture.
She wears a pearl necklace, highlighted by embossed circles.

Historical facts

Margareta, Princess of Romania, the first daughter of King Michael I and Queen Ana, was born on March 26, 1946 in Lausanne, Switzerland (Bibliography 1). Because her parents were forced to leave Romania after the Abdication of the King and the coming of communism to power, the Princess would be born into exile. Forced to grow up in another country, the Princess would learn late in life her mother tongue. Any proximity to Romania was impossible during the communist regime. Later, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh, where she studied Sociology, Political Science and International Public Law (Bibliography 2). After working for a period in UN affiliated organizations, she decides to turn her attention to Romania (Bibliography 3). Thus, she begins to carry charitable work in the country where she was not allowed to be born in.

Her arrival to Romania on the 18th of January 1990 also marked an important episode in her life. Here she meets the actor Radu Duda, whom she married in 1996 in Switzerland (Bibliography 4). Since 2014, Princess Margaret has been the patron of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Romania (Bibliography 5). Two years later, together with her husband, she received the title of honorary citizen of Cluj County (Bibliography 6). In 2007 Princess Margareta was appointed Custodian of the Romanian Crown by King Michael (Bibliography 7).


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