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The image shows the largest and most powerful nuclear reactor made by the Chinese, called Artificial Sun, similar to the Sun through the process taken from the natural Sun, or nuclear fusion, ie the combination of two nuclei of lighter atoms into a heavier one.

This process of nuclear fusion emits very high heat and strong light.

The reactor is illustrated both from the outside, on the left side, and from the inside, on the right side.

From the outside, it is rendered embossed, in a cylindrical shape, from side being highlighted as a square with a dome above, bordered and crossed on three rows of stairs and walkways fenced by railing, used by the operators who control and monitor the condition.

The top of the reactor is represented by a huge refrigerator, called Cryostat, which covers the vacuum vessel of the reactor and protects its components from overheating. On it is the upper walkway with the horizontal railing rendered by a thickened horizontal line, joined below by vertical and parallel lines.

A long staircase, which reaches the top of the reactor refrigerator, is shown to the right by two thickened and parallel lines, joined by horizontal, parallel and short lines.

The small windows with heat-resistant glass and the outlets or connections to other installation elements are represented from top to bottom as follows, a circle blank outlined, a row of squares and then a row of circles, blank outlined.

From the inside, the right side, the vacuum vessel of the reactor in the middle, a huge stainless steel container, illustrated from the inside, consists of:

  • magnets that produce a strong enough magnetic field to keep attracted to them the plasma on its orbit and not letting it touch the inner walls. The magnets are shown in the center, in the blank rectangle, in the form of an embossed cylinder, from side illustrated as a vertical and elongated rectangle.
  • the plasma that rotates around the magnets at very high speed and produces nuclear fusion is rendered by a thickened semicircle, located in the center of the magnets.
  • the first wall, called the blanket, which is the name of the inner walls of the vacuum vessel, which withstands extremely high heat, and which are closest to the hot plasma. It is rendered by the thick outlined blank and horizontal rectangle on the center of the reactor.

General information

The sun is the most important star in our solar system and is at the center of our galaxy, called the Milky Way. The energy from this star makes life possible on earth, giving the inhabitants warmth and light. Over time, people have that energy from the sun can be converted into electricity. The sun can be seen as a huge natural nuclear reactor, because the process by which it releases heat and light is that of nuclear fusion. 

Perhaps the most ambitious scientific project is the creation of an artificial sun that provides the need for solar energy, when the energy of the natural sun does not reach the earth, for example, during the nights. Even if at first glance such a project would seem impossible to be carried out, however Chinese researchers have managed to create a nuclear reactor that can release even six times more heat – than the natural sun. If the temperature of the Sun’s core is about one million degrees Celsius, the Chinese reaction called EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak) has reached the temperature of about one hundred million degrees Celsius. This reactor is based on the same nuclear fusion process as the real sun. 

If the development of the reactor a will continue and will endure this temperature for a long time, then mankind will be closer to achieving an unlimited and clean energy source. 

In addition to this project, Chinese experts have set out to launch into space and a satellite artificial like the moon, which would provide visibility at night. According to the plans, the artificial moon would be 8 times brighter, than the natural moon. 

Did you know that the largest building in the world was built in China? This building is the size of a real city and houses shops, hotels, offices, restaurants and even a water park. The most interesting part is that this huge building is designed to have its own artificial sun in the future, which will permanently provide light and warmth.



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