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The image shows a small animal, friend of the trees, excellent climber and fan of acorns and walnuts, called squirrel, seen from one side, with his head pointed to the right.

The squirrel is drawn in a blank shape, outlined in bold. It has a curvy body, with a hunched or arched back, with a round head nestled forward, with four short legs, which end in paws that are hand-like with thin and long toes, with strong claws for grasping at tree bark.

The head has two small, rounded ears, the large eyes highlighted, on one side, as a thickened dot, and the nose as a small embossed circle.

The front legs are raised almost below the snout, in them usually holding an acorn, hazelnut, or other nuts that they gnaw with strong rodent front teeth.

The hind legs are bent and used to support the weight of the body, being rendered embossed, at the base of the body.

On the left edge is a very large and bushy tail, marked by short lines, arranged as consecutive angles, forming a wavy chain of corners. It can look like a fir or a tinsel.

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