Image description

The image shows a medium-sized, omnivorous bird, called a pheasant, very famous among hunters for its complex plumage and special meat.

The pheasant is viewed from one side, with his head turned to the right.

The body is voluminous, more flattened and elongated horizontally like an oval, starting from the small, round head with a long neck, and ending with a very large tail at the left edge.

Each texture of the image represents a color or a mixture of colors of the pheasant’s plumage, thus showing the multitude of shapes and colors found on the feathers.

The head and neck are rendered embossed, the eyes are very small and round, marked from side by a small blank circle, and the beak is short and sharp, rendered as a small blank triangle.

The body is covered with mottled feathers, that is they have splashes or drops or color spots on a background of a different color. Such as a smooth surface over which many balls or sticks of different sizes jumped chaotically. This body plumage is rendered by the texture of oblique and parallel lines.

The wings are shown in blank shapes on the side of the body. Although they can fly, but over short distances, pheasants prefer to run, on the two thin and short legs shown here at the bottom, as two vertical and thickened lines.

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