Image description

The image shows a medium-sized, carnivorous animal with a very bushy and large tail, called a fox, on the left side being illustrated only the head, front-viewed, and on the right side being illustrated the whole body, viewed from one side, with the head pointing to the left .

The fox is drawn in a blank shape, elongated horizontally, curvy, outlined in bold.

On the left, the fox’s head is viewed from the front and has a triangle shape with rounded corners. At the top the head is round with two ears at the edges, in the shape of triangles with sharp points.

In the center of the head are the eyes rendered as two circles flattened horizontally, with a thickened dot inside them.

Below the eyes, above the muzzle, is the small nose rendered as an embossed triangle.

The body is robust but short, supported on four small legs. The whole body is covered with a thick fur, with long hair and ends in a large and fluffy tail, on the right edge.

The head is small, with the snout elongated and narrowed towards the pointy nose, the mouth is ajar, the eyes are small and round, and the ears on either side of the head are sharp at the top, having the shape of a triangle.

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