Image description

The image shows on the left a large bird, called an eagle, seen from the bottom up, in flight, with its two wings outstretched.

The head is round, rendered full in relief, directed to the right side, finished with a well-pronounced beak, with the tip pointed and arched downwards.

The eagle has a robust and complex plumage, with long and wide feathers, especially at the end of the wings, where they are rendered full in relief (right and left edge).

The wings are represented by a wavy and vertical texture, and the plumage on the chest with a wavy and horizontal texture.

The tail is open fan-shaped, attached like a bouquet to the bird’s body, represented by the texture of vertical and parallel lines.

On either side of the tail are caught legs like two claws highlighted by thickened texture.

Next to the eagle, on the right side, there is a man, as a landmark to determine the real proportions of this predatory bird.

Historical data
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