Image description

The image shows a small to medium-sized animal, called a chimpanzee,human-like by the format of the skeleton and skull, viewed from the profile, oriented towards right side.

The intelligent monkey is rendered full in relief, positioned standing, with the arm next to the body, highlighted by the wavy texture.

It has a rounded head at the top towards the nape of the neck, and elongated with a well-pronounced jaw in front.

The forehead stands out, under which are placed the small eyes with eyelids, then the flattened nose, with wide nostrils, and continues with thin and slightly pursed lips.

The neck is short and cylindrical, the shoulders and upper limbs, human-like, with wide palms and five robust fingers.

The chest is protruding and the lower limbs are bent at the knees, finished with wide paws and fingers adapted for climbing.

Next to the chimpanzee, on the right, there is a man, as a landmark to determine its real proportions.

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