Description of the image

This is the facade of a typical house in Bucharest interwar, placed on Vasile Lascăr street, number 63 and viewed from the boulevard.

It is a house with a floor, on the ground floor of which is the exhibition space Artera.

From the street you can see on the left side, the small round windows, placed along the stairs, which lead to the first floor.

In the middle of the facade there are 3 pairs of tall windows, with ornaments between them.

The roof is represented by a texture of dots.

On the left is a man represented to have a reference point of height of the edifice.

The story of the gallery

Artera, art + medicine is a multidisciplinary space created to explore the connections between art and medicine, through exhibitions, conferences, film screenings. The events held here bring together doctors, artists or simply very curious people. The gallery develops and promotes creative ideas that contribute to a healthier, more conscious and empathetic society.



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