Description of the image

The image presents the plan of the Ramada City Center Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, focusing on the conference rooms.

At the top of the plan is located the upper level with the conference rooms, rendered as medium squares, full in relief, representing upside, the Topaz Hall, joined by the Sapphire Hall, then downside, opposite them, the Lapis Hall, next to the Amber Hall.

At the end of the corridor, on the right edge, also on the upper level, is the Mercan Hall, rendered as a larger rectangle, vertically, full in relief.

The neighbors to the left and right of the Topaz and Sapphire Rooms, from above, are two offices represented by rectangles labeled by a pattern of small and thick pluses.

At the bottom, on the lower level, there are two other large halls, highlighted full in relief, above being situated the Foyer Ruby and below, the Ruby Hall.

The marginal part on the left is highlighted by a dotted pattern and represents the interior of the lobby and the elevators.

The two bathrooms, one on the upper left and one above the Foyer Ruby, are marked with vertical, parallel and thin lines.

Emergency stairs are rendered by squares filled with textures of thick horizontal and parallel lines.

The escape route is tangent to the stairs and is highlighted by a thick, double line, on the upper corridor, separating the conference rooms.

Along the route and next to the stairs are shown arrows, through a triangle full in relief, which indicates the direction of the emergency exits and the direction of ascending or descending the stairs.

The outline of the whole plan is represented by a thick line, which breaks, where the doors are.

General information

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