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On the southern side is the glazed area because a passive strategy is correct cardinal positioning. Being a glazed space, we use light to heat up much of the house. And on this side we find a terrace which besides the role of relaxation also has the role of shading. To avoid the risk of overheating, it has a hood that shades when the sun is very high. Like the north and south terrace, it has an independent house structure and is also made of wood. Its shape on the side is similar to a trapeze. Above it is covered with 8 photovoltaic panels, which produce energy with the help of the sun’s rays, panels that can be found on the roof of the house.

House Over4 is designed to passive. Namely, it is a house that maintains itself, does not need heating or cooling and the energy it needs and produces it with photovoltaic panels. Around the house is placed a structure, two steps high, because the foundation of the house is mobile and stands on metal legs.

General Information

The Over4 project started with the topic announced by Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 aimed for the competition. Solar Decathlon is an international contest primarily addressed to all students who bring sustainable architecture and integrated technologies in the spotlight. It involves building a passive house in 15 days, following two weeks of monitoring. The subject proposed for this year’s edition is the rehabilitation of the fund and urban regeneration. The Over4 team, consisting of 35 students, graduates and teachers, have identified a number of blocks built during the communist era, namely the four storey ones that we plan to expand vertically and horizontally. On the vertical plan there is going to be an attic with six similar modules to improve existing living, having features such as shared space, coworking space, or other functions related to these. Horizontally, we propose an extension in order to to expand the interior space. For the competition we extracted a module that we adapted and turned it into a home.

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