Image description

The image shows a teacher, standing, formally dressed, with his arms next to his body and viewed from the front, with his body rendered blank, just outlined.

The teacher wears a jacket with long sleeves, which falls to the hips, open on the chest, in the middle, highlighted embossed.

The accessories that come in handy to a teacher are writing instruments and classboard. In the image, the teacher holds in his hand, to his left, a pencil, rendered by a rectangle filled with the texture of parallel lines, with a sharp point towards the base. The pencil is a wooden tube with a long, thin charcoal lead inside it. One of the ends of the pencil must be sharpened with a blade to remove the wooden edge and uncover the tip of the charcoal. The charcoal will leave a dusty mark on the paper.

The classboard on which the courses to be explained in class or different exercises are written is on the right side of the teacher. It consists of a thin metal sheet with a smooth surface, rendered by a large rectangle, horizontal and blank, surrounded by a rectangular frame, rendered embossed.

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