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The image shows a man, standing, dressed in a police uniform, with his arms next to his body and seen from the front, with his body rendered in a blank shape, just outlined.

The policeman in the picture is wearing a long-sleeved jacket, which falls to the thighs, open on the chest, that is on the middle, marked embossed. The jacket is worn when it is colder outside and he works outside the office. Under the jacket, the uniform requires a short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt, depending on the season.

Whether it is a coat, a jacket or a shirt, the epaulettes must always be worn on the shoulders, to show the professional rank. The epaulettes are highlighted by a horizontal and wavy line, located on both the left and right shoulder, on either side of the neck.

On his head, in the upper part, he wears a cap, with a firm crest, in the shape of a semicircle that extends to the limit of the face. The cap is rendered embossed. It is a type of hat that covers the head only superficially, above the ears, the rigid cloth being attached to a circle-shaped dome that keeps the round shape fixed on the head and a crest that is sticking out, on front, above the forehead, which protects the eyes from strong light, rain or wind.

The mandatory accessories worn by the policeman are the pistol, held in the hand on the left side, rendered embossed, together with the handcuffs, held on its right side, rendered as two thickened circles and linked by a dashed line .

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