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The image shows an electric device for instant toasting or frying of slices of bread, called a toaster. It is viewed from one side, in the image on the left and front-viewed, in the image on the right.

The toaster is assembled in a square plastic case, rendered by dotted texture. The top is rounded and the base is straight. Inside the casing is the electric motor and two narrow holes or openings, positioned vertically, in the shape of square slices of bread.

Thus, that in each opening a single slice of bread is inserted which, before the toast lever or the press handle in the middle, for the image on the left, or in the upper right edge, for the image on the right, is lowered. At the same time, the slices of bread are also lowered inside the toaster. They are heated on both sides by hot grilles, powered by the electric motor. The two openings are called toasting slots.

The desired toasting time is selected by a button in the bottom center for the image on the left, or in the bottom right corner for the image on the right. The toast control button is round, rendered as a blank circle, and is rotated to the right to increase the toasting level.

The image on the left shows two other smaller buttons, to the right of the browning control button, marked as two blank ovals. These buttons are for canceling the toasting cycle and for reheating or defrosting the bread.

After the set time has passed, the toasting slots rise spontaneously, tossing up the slices of toast, as can be seen in the image on the right.

Here, the slice of bread has a square shape, with a rounded top edge, and is highlighted by a shape filled with the texture of oblique and parallel lines.

Under the base of the toaster is a tray for ​​bread crumbs. After several cycles of toasting the bread, this tray can be pulled out, emptied and reattached.

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