Image description

The image shows the wagon of the royal train, from where King Carol the Second and Queen Mary greet the people, represented below, next to the wagon.

The Royal Train is reduced in image to a single wagon, represented as an embossed rectangle.

The windows at the top of the wagon are rendered as six blank squares, aligned horizontally.

Within the two windows in the middle, the busts of King Carol the Second can be seen, on the left, and of Queen Maria, on the right.

The royal couple wears a crown on their heads, holds their right hand up in greeting, and is marked embossed.

Under the body of the train are four pairs of wheels, rendered as four blank circles, two left and two right, which slide on the iron rail tracks below, highlighted by a horizontal and thickened line.

At the bottom is the crowd waving the country’s flags in the air and greeting the Royal Family.

There are seven people represented here, standing up, arms raised, and faces facing the train.

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