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The image shows an electronic device, called a television, abbreviated TV, which transmits information to the viewer using sounds and moving images by signals, through a TV cable or satellite, from a source, which can be any broadcast television or radio.

The TV is a device that prioritizes the image, so it is equipped with a very large screen, and very thin nowadays, called an LCD display, rectangular in shape. The screen is rendered by a large horizontal rectangle, filled with the texture of horizontal and parallel lines.

Behind the screen is the electrical panel with the electrical circuit through which sounds and video signals are transmitted. It is assembled in a plastic shell and supported on a leg with a long base. The TV shell is marked as a frame around the screen, with a rectangular and embossed shape.

The TV base is highlighted by two embossed rectangles, one short and vertical and the other long and horizontal.

At the bottom right of the display are two buttons: one of them is the power button and the other could be for many other settings such as: the volume button used for the desired sound level, the menu button used for displaying or exiting menus, the channel button used for changing channels.

The old televisions were much heavier, with a smaller screen, behind which was a square cathode-ray tube with a funnel-narrowed edge, through which the image was created.

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