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Documentary attested in 1364, oina was originally a pastoral game played by shepherds, but would become after centuries the national sport of Romania Bibliography 1. The education reform initiated by Spiru Haret in 1898, would introduce the obligation of this sport in schools Bibliography 2. A a year later, the first national oina championship would take place, the winner of which was the team from the “Nicolae Bălcescu” high school from Brăila Bibliography 3. In 1912, this sport would be recognized as an official game, and only in June 1932 was founded the National Oina Federation Bibliography 4. Gradually, however, the sport will lose its popularity, finding it only after the Second World War. On June 29, 1949, it received a special status in the communist regime, with the establishment of the Central Commission of the Oina Bibliography 5.


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