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The image shows in the center above an ironing machine placed on an ironing board, both side-viewed, and on the right edge the ironing board is also viewed from above.

The ironing machine is rendered here by a small triangular shape, with a sharp point at the right edge towards the base, and filled with dotted texture. It is an electrical device used to remove wrinkles from clothes, which appeared after washing, by pressing the fabrics of the clothes under a hot iron base, heated enough to dry and smooth any wrinkles left.

Before being ironed, the garment is spread on the ironing board specially designed for this device, or on any other flat, straight surface, always covered with a thermal or thicker material made of natural fabrics, usually cotton. This is done so as not to directly burn the surface on which the clothing is ironed, be it the table or the floor in the room.

The ironing machine shown in the picture is a modern model, covered by a plastic case, at the top, with an iron base at the bottom and a handle on top. To the right of the handle, towards the sharp tip of the iron, above, are two vertical and thick lines. These are the buttons that remove steam or sprinkle water on clothes, to make them smoother, and for a lasting smooth appearance.

The ironing machine is powered by electricity by connecting the wire attached to its back, on the left end, to a socket. The wire is highlighted by a thick and curved line.

Below is the ironing board placed on a metal support with folding legs, representing two crossed square metal frames that stretch or unfold vertically. This support is rendered by two thick lines with sharp ends, positioned as two obliques crossing each other.

The flat top of the ironing board has a rectangular shape filled with the texture of short, vertical and parallel lines.

The ironing board viewed from above, from the right edge, is marked as a vertical rectangle with the lower end shaped like the tip of the triangle, and is filled with the texture of vertical and parallel lines.

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