Image description

The image shows an easy and comfortable model of motorcycle, with small wheels, called electric scooter, powered by an engine under the driver’s seat.

The Elmo scooter, a Romanian model, is viewed from the side, pointing to the left.

The scooter’s frame or skeleton covers and protects the engine inside, along with the rest of the components, and is represented by a rectangular shape rendered full in relief, placed in the middle, under the saddle.

The handlebars with long, arched handles towards the upper tips are highlighted by two thick, vertical and slightly wavy lines, which start from the same point located at the bottom of the front part, on the left.

The saddle above the engine is rendered by the texture of oblique and parallel lines.

The two small wheels are wrapped in thick tires, marked as embossed circles with a blank dot in the center and are located on the left and right edges of the vehicle’s bottom.

General information

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