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The image shows an electric dishwasher. It is called a dishwasher, to specify dish, not to be confused with the washing machine designed for laundry, it has a square shape, viewed from one side and positioned vertically.

Like the washing machine, the dishwasher has the shape of a box, with a control panel at the top but with a door the size of the wall of the machine, from where the dishes to be washed are placed inside.

At the top of the machine, left end, is illustrated the control bar with the selection buttons of the washing program, the display and other complementary functions. The bar is side-viewed, therefore only a button can be distinguished in the right end of the blank rectangle at the top, rendered by a circle filled with polka dot texture.

The dishwasher door is open, lowered to the base of the machine, left bottom, and marked with a dotted texture just like the entire squarish body of the dishwasher.

When the door opens and is lowered, the drawers with the wire plate racks are automatically pushed out. The two dish racks are highlighted by a rectangle elongated horizontally and filled with the texture of vertical and parallel lines.

Above each wire plate rack are sets of plates arranged one behind the other, side-viewed and rendered embossed, similar to a crescent-shaped circle.

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