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The image shows an electronic device, called a computer, also called a PC system or desktop computer, consisting of a computer case for the system unit also called the console, an output peripheral device that is the LCD monitor, and two other input peripheral devices that attach to the system unit by wire or operates wireless, via Bluetooth. These are the mouse and keyboard.

The system unit is assembled in a metal case with plastic elements, shown on the left edge of the image, in the form of a vertical rectangle filled with the texture of horizontal and parallel lines. At the top left of the console is the power button rendered as an embossed circle.

Computer peripherals are devices with different functions, attached to the system unit, and are of three types: input (such as keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner), output (such as monitor, printer and speakers) or touchscreen that is input and output.

The monitor, the right side of the image, is a device that prioritizes the image, so it comes with a very large screen, with a big-sized diagonal, which is the distance between opposite corners, and also nowadays very thin, rectangular in shape. The screen is rendered by a large horizontal rectangle, filled with the texture of horizontal and parallel lines.

Behind the screen is the electrical panel with the electrical circuit through which images are transmitted. It is assembled in a plastic shell and stands on a leg with a long base. The case is rendered as a frame around the screen, with a rectangular embossed shape.

The monitor base is highlighted by two embossed rectangles, one short positioned vertically and the another long positioned horizontally.

Below the monitor, at the bottom of the image, is the keyboard, on which are keys or buttons attached to letters, numbers and functions, and which transmit to the system unit the information we type, by the signals coming from each key pressed. The keyboard is integrated in a rectangular plastic shell, outlined by a blank rectangle with the keys highlighted in embossed squares inside the rectangle.

To the right of the keyboard, on the lower right edge of the image, is the mouse, which stands under the user’s palm and through which the arrow cursor or the mouse pointer that is displayed on the monitor screen is guided to select, navigate or activate any element shown on the monitor image with a click. The mouse is marked as an oval filled with dotted texture. At the top is a vertical line that separates the upper edge into two buttons, left and right.

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