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The image shows the map of Arad County, located in the western edge of the country, delimited by the neighboring counties and Hungary in the west, by a thickened, irregular and closed line.

The neighboring counties are: to the north – Bihor, to the northeast – Alba, to the east – Hunedoara, to the south – Timiș.

In its southeast is illustrated the county seat, respectively Arad, marked by an embossed square.

The map shows the hydrographic network of Arad County, respectively the main rivers that cross the territory, rendered by thinner, wavy lines, next to the largest lakes, marked by blank circles, along with the most important economic and cultural cities in the county, besides the county seat, which has the densest population and is also the administrative and political center. The other cities are highlighted by thickened squares, smaller in size than that of the county seat.

The territory of the county is crossed from east to west, in the north side, by the river Crișul Alb which passes through the city of Chișineu-Criș, and forms the lake of the same name, marked by a small blank circle, and continues its course across the border in Hungary. In the river Crișul Alb flows its tributary Cigher, further south, in the center of the county, which springs from the Zarand Mountains located in the south and forms on its course Lake Tauț, near Tauț town, marked on the map by a small blank circle in the center of the county.

The central and southern part of the county is crossed by the Mureș River, from east to west, continuing its course across the border, and which crosses, in its path, the county seat, then the town of Lipova in the south-central part.

The cities shown are those with a population of up to twenty thousand inhabitants, namely Chișineu-Criș in the north, Sebiș in the east, Sântana and Pecica in the west and center, Pâncota and Tauț in the center.

In the lower left corner of the page is an arrow pointing upwards, indicating the geographical North.

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