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The image shows a ship, viewed from one side, floating on the water and heading east, meaning to the right.

In order to know where they are at sea and where they need to go, the captain of the ship must know the cardinal points. In the past he used to follow the stars in the sky, the largest and brightest star of them being called the North Star, because it will always point the geographical north.

The cardinal points are four exact directions, north meaning up, south meaning down, west meaning left and east meaning right. This is how the North Pole of our planet is located at the top and the South Pole is at the bottom. Like a ball held between two fingers, one above it and one below it. So is the Earth on its axis, or the slightly sloping imaginary line of our planet.

Therefore, the ship in the picture is heading east.

It is illustrated by a filled form, slightly raised from the base of the sheet like a bump. It has a rectangular body, with sharp right and left edges. The right corner is much longer and sharper, which shows us that this is the muzzle of the ship called the bow, a word used in the nautical vocabulary.

The ship is built like a floating body on any surface of water, like a river, sea or ocean, which is set in motion by an engine. This engine is powered or helped to run on a food called fuel. Just as we humans need to feed on food in order to have energy to move. This fuel or food for the steam engine can be coal that burns and emits smoke on the chimney or it can be liquid oil. There is also an engine that does not emit toxic smoke in the air and it has a battery, meaning it is an electric motor.

In the case of our ship, it is powered by an engine that sets the ship in motion by burning fuel in a special chamber inside the ship, at the bottom, below the deck. This is called the boiler room. The deck is not illustrated here but looks like the floor on which we walk into a room, built of wood, on which sailors work or passengers walk.

On the deck is a larger building on the left. Here is the captain’s cabin from where he sails the ship. Under the deck, at the bottom of the ship, where there are three blank circles, are the passenger or crew cabins, also rooms where food and other things useful for the crew are stored, along with the engine room where the status of the ship functioning is always checked, so that the engine does not overheat.

Above the higher construction on the left side of the ship is a very thick line like a thin vertical rectangle. This is the chimney through which the smoke from the combustion of fuel, such as coal, come out.

The blank circles at the bottom can be understood either as the round windows of the cabins under the deck, or as three lifebuoys, meaning thin rubber rings, inflated with air, and thrown overboard, in case of emergency, to help the person from drowning, holding him above the water, floating.

The sea water under the ship is drawn by wavy lines.

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