Image description

The image shows a rabbit, in a filled shape that can be easily touched, being raised from the base of the sheet. The bunny stands on all four paws, with his head pointing to the left.

It has very long, upright ears, a very small head with a tiny snout, at the top of the head, in the shape of a heart, with a slightly curved back and a round body that ends with a short, oval tail.

The bunny’s body is covered with a very fluffy fur, because it is made up of a lot of thin and fine hairs, that’s why plush toys try to imitate fluffy and delicate animals, because that way they look softer and cute to snuggle.

The rabbit’s eyes are large and oval, drawn as a blank shape at the top of the head, on the left.

The rabbit is a small animal, which can run very fast and hide in the bushes, so as not to fall prey to other carnivorous and big animals such as fox or wolf. The rabbit is a mammal, meaning an animal that is born just like us humans from its mother’s womb and not from eggs like birds, for example. It is a small baby bunny at first, but after feeding on milk, grows bigger and turns into an adult. The rabbit is rodent, he crunches whatever he finds suitable for his meal or just for the need of crunching, helped by his long and large front teeth. He eats: grass, wheat and vegetables like carrots and cucumbers. He has a very well-developed hearing, precisely because of his large ears.

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