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The image shows six figures, placed in two rows. Thus three are on the left and another three on the right.

The figure above, the left row, shows us a hedgehog, seen from one side, sitting on four short legs, with his back arched and outlined with a wavy line, due to the fact that it is protected and covered with thorns. The head is directed to the left, is small and has a very narrow and long snout, which ends in a small nose.

The figure in the middle, the left row, shows a giraffe standing on all four legs, with its head pointed to the right and viewed from one side. The giraffe is a large animal with a squarish but short body, ending in a long, thin tail. It has a small head and elongated snout, and the neck is very long, which makes the giraffe the tallest, compared to other animals. Her long neck helps her see from above and in the distance when a predator approaches and may saves time to flee before the danger gets closer, such as the lion or the hyena. The long neck helps it to reach the height of the crown of the trees to feed on the leaves and buds in them. The giraffe’s favorite tree is the savannah acacia.

The figure at the bottom, left row, shows a fish, viewed from one side, with its head turned to the right. The body is oval and flattened, very thin, ending in a tail split in two. This is the tail fin, which helps it move underwater. It’s like the engine of a boat pushing the boat forward with speed.

The figure above, in the right row, shows us a pear, a medium-sized fruit, which we meet more in early autumn, when they ripen in the tree and are harvested among the autumn fruits, along with grapes and plums. But we can also enjoy it during the summer. It has a round shape at the base, meaning at the bottom, and slightly elongated and narrow towards the top. It’s about the same size as the apple.

The middle figure, the right row, shows us an apple, a medium-sized fruit, like the pear. After the summer, when the flowers lost all their petals, the tree is starting to grow fruits, the apples, and whey they are ripened in the sun, then they are ready to be picked. The apple is round, curved in the middle and slightly narrowed towards the base, at the bottom. At the top it has a short twig by which it is attached to the branch of the tree.

The figure below, the right row, shows us a butterfly, seen from above. The butterfly is an insect with large wings, on either side of a very thin and fragile body. The head is extremely small and has two thin, long antennae that guide it in flight. The butterfly feeds on the nectar of flowers.

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