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The image shows six figures, placed in two rows. Thus three are on the left and another three on the right.

The figure at the top, left row, shows us the rudder of a ship. The rudder also known as the wheel or the steering wheel of a ship, is a very important part in controlling and navigating a ship, just like the steering wheel is in driving a car. The rudder is drawn as a thickened circle, cut by straight lines and joining at the common point in the middle of the circle. The rudder is made of wood. The captain rotates the rudder according to the direction in which he wants to steer the ship.

The figure in the middle, the left row, shows us a spider, seen from above, descending on a thin thread from the back of his body, here at the top of his round body. It has four pairs of very thin legs, on either side of the body. The head is small and round with a pair of arched tiny fangs at edge of the mouth. These fangs or teeth are called forceps.

The figure below, left row, shows a toy pony used as a children’s swing, side-viewed. The pony is an animal that is part of a much shorter breed of horses. It has a curvy body with four thick and short legs, finished in hooves. The head on the right is large, elongated, with a square snout and short ears raised above the head. The eyes are drawn like a small dot. The back tail, on the left, is very bushy and long, made up of many long strands of hair. On the back, in the middle, he has a saddle on which the child can sit when he swings. The pony swing can be made of wood or plastic.

The figure at the top, the right row, shows us a spider’s web, made by the spider by pulling the threads of the web over each other like a braid or a lace or a grid, in the shape of a star with many corners. The spider’s web is woven from very fine, thin and sticky silk threads, created by the spider’s body.

The figure in the middle, the right row, shows us a children’s play ball. It is round with a pattern of curved lines joining in a small common circle in the middle of the large circle. This is what a volleyball, inflated with air, looks like, very light, made of thin rubber or plastic, and very easy to play with.

The figure below, right row, shows us a fallen leaf from the tree. It has a dash in the middle called the main rib. Below the leaf is the tail to which it hangs from the tree branch. The leaf is rhombus-shaped, sharp at the upper and lower ends and curved on sides.

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