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The image shows six figures, placed in two rows. Thus three are on the left and another three on the right.

The figure at the top, left row, shows a five-pointed star. The star is a round shape in the middle from which five triangles are coming out with very elongated and sharp tips pointing outwards. The star is drawn as the Sun appears in the sky. And the Sun is a star, the largest in our Galaxy and the center of the Solar System around which all the planets gravitate or float in a circle. The sun shines and warms them. It is a round sphere that emits heat and light like rays. These elements are found in the drawn star, the corners being like the rays.

The figure in the middle, the left row, shows us a heart. Although it does not look like a real human’s heart, it is known like this by everyone. It is easier and more beautiful to illustrate. A heart is associated with the feeling of love, gentleness, childhood, innocence, joy, close friendship or brotherhood.

The figure at the bottom, left row, shows a circle. The circle is a perfectly round geometric shape, which is drawn starting from a fixed central point. After choosing this point, which must be in the same place, we draw the contour line of the circle, using an instrument called a compass. The compass has a needle that we insert into the central point and then move the needle foot away from the second leg on which a pencil is attached. The farther we move the pencil from the needle stuck in the fixed point, the bigger the circle will be. The distance between the pencil and the needle, that is between the contour line of the circle and the fixed center point is called the radius. Like the rays of a star. If the star has a fixed point from which angles or rays are drawn, then if we join the star corners with a curved line, we will practically draw a circle.

The figure at the top, the right row, shows us a crescent. The crescent is seen in the night sky as a smaller half of a full circle. The moon has a circle shape, like the one in the previous figure. So it is a full moon on the sky when the moon looks like a full circle. It is a crescent if the moon looks like what is drawn here. It’s basically not exactly half a circle or a moon, otherwise we would have to cut right in the middle of the circle and cross a straight line along it and we would have two halves. As in the case of a round apple that we cut in two halves. But the crescent is like an apple bite. That is, we cut more than half of the circle or we cut deeper into the circle and we get a crescent with sharp corners up and down and a curved or arched shape in the middle. The crescent has a shape similar to a piece of orange or a croissant.

The figure in the middle, the right row, shows us a triangle, with the tip up and the base with the other two tips down. The triangle is the geometric shape that has three angles, so three sides. Angles are the corners, as in the case of a star, and the sides are the straight lines that form the angles. A triangle can only be drawn by choosing any three points and joining them in a straight line. It has the shape of a slice of something round, such as a pizza or a cake.

The figure below, the right row, shows us a square. The square is the geometric shape with four equal sides. So it will have four equal angles or corners, of the same size each. It has the shape of a pillow or a window.

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