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The image shows a cat, in a filled shape that can be easily touched, being raised from the base of the sheet. The cat stands on all four paws, with its head pointing to the left, positioned on the right side of the image and viewed from one side.

On the left side of the image is drawn the cat’s head, seen from the front, outlined with a thick line. The head is round, with two small, sharp, triangle-shaped ears on either side of the head. The eyes are small and round.

Under the small eyes is the snout with a delicate nose in the shape of a heart, and on either side of the small nose are the long mustaches called the whiskers, drawn as two pairs of lines, three on the left of the nose and another three on the right of the nose. The cats whiskers help them in orienting and see better in the dark.

To the right of the image, the cat sits with its back slightly curved or arched, has a curvy body, with elongated and thick legs and round paws at the base of the legs. The body ends with a long, wavy tail.

The body of the cat is covered with a very fluffy fur, because it is made up of a lot of thin and smooth hairs.

The cat is a small animal that can run fast and jump from high altitudes or climb easily to high altitudes, such as in a tree. The paw claws help them cling to the walls or trees, and the cushions under the paws are puffy enough to soften jumps and landings, so the cat usually lands on its feet without getting hurt. The cat is a mammal, meaning an animal that is born like us humans from its mother’s womb and not from eggs like birds, for example. It is a small kitty at first but, after feeding on milk, grows into an adult. The cat can see at night much better than humans, and is most active in the evening and morning, because then are the best times to hunt.

Although we have become accustomed in cartoons to cats drinking milk, this is not correct in adult cats, but in tiny kittens. The cat is a carnivorous mammal.

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