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The image shows a car, viewed from one side, going left.

Cars are means of transport that help us move faster through the city, and get to a more distant place much easier than if we walked. If there are more of us, then the transport becomes simple because the car is equipped with several seats, usually five. So in a car can fit three passengers on the back seat, one in front and another one also in front, that being the seat for the driver. It can be useful when we have to carry heavy things, or carry a lot of luggage, and then we put them in the rear trunk of the car. The trunk is a storage compartment like a box in the back of the car, placed behind the passenger backseats.

The car is illustrated by a filled shape, embossed. It has a rectangular body, with elongated right and left edges. The left edge is the front of the car, followed by a higher structure in the middle, where the passenger seats are located with the front seats for the driver and a passenger, then the backseats, followed by the right edge of the car or the back, where it ends with the trunk.

The rectangular body of the car is covered by a metal frame called a car body. The car body covers and protects the car along with its components, the front engine, but also the passengers inside. The body has a lid on the front of the car for engine access. It is called the hood of the car. When its mechanical components need to be checked, when it no longer works, the mechanic may lift this front lid or hood and repair the fault.

The car body also has a lid on the back of the car to cover the trunk. The car body also includes the roof of the car, the upper part, in the middle, which sits above the driver’s and passenger seats, along with two doors for the front seats and two doors for the back seats. There are cars that have only two front doors, one on the left and one on the right, and the passengers in the back open the front door and get in, passing behind the front seats.

Under the car body there are four wheels, two in the front, meaning on the left and two in the back, meaning on the right. Here in the picture are drawn only two, because the car is illustrated only on one side. If the car had been drawn from above or below, then we could have seen four wheels. The wheels are drawn as two embossed circles.

The wheels of the car help it to move, being like thick rubber rings, inflated with air, which rotate on the street, or on any smooth, straight surface, and thus set the car in motion. The wheels are driven by a motor that is located under the front lid of the car. This engine is powered by a petroleum fuel. Just as we humans need to feed on food in order to have energy to move. This fuel or engine feed can be gasoline or diesel that burns and emits smoke on a small, thin chimney in the shape of a pipe, from the back of the car at the bottom. There is also an engine that does not emit toxic smoke in the air and it has a battery, meaning it is an electric motor. That’s why the newest electric cars have appeared, which do not leave toxic smoke behind and are preferred more because they are nature friendly.

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