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In the image is drawn an apple, placed with the tail up, with a curvy shape, filled, which can be touched as a whole.

The apple is the fleshy fruit of the apple tree, which, after a harsh winter, opens its buds of flowers which are tiny, many and with very fragile and thin petals, so that at the end of spring they leave a carpet of petals blown away by the wind.

In summer, after the tree leafs out, the fruits begin to appear, like round and small balls, with a very sour taste, which grow and ripen until they reach the size of a fist or larger. As in the picture, the apple is ripe, big and good to eat, with a sweeter taste and a stronger flavor.

When it is picked from the tree, it detaches from the branch with its tail and maybe with a leaf or two, as it appears in the picture. The tail is drawn above the apple, in the middle, as a curved and thickened line, and the fruit attached to the tail on the left has a diamond shape with rounded corners.

The tail of the fruit is called the stem or the stalk and it holds the fruit or the flower, connecting it to the branch of the tree.

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