Image description

The image shows two people, standing next to each other, with their arms slightly apart from their bodies and front-viewed, rendered embossed.

Here are illustrated, a boy, on the left side of the image, and a girl, on the right side. They are positioned in this way, in order to be easier to differentiate and compare the features of the human body found in the two genders.

The boy is a little taller, the body is robust, with a wide chest and back, muscular legs, as well as arms, and the head has short hair, only up to the limit of the face.

The chest and abdomen, in the case of the boy, have a square shape, much flattened, while in the case of the girl, they have a curvy shape. Illustrated in a simplified way, the girl’s chest and abdomen have the shape of a vertical bow tie. The female torso is much better developed, with more prominent breasts, small abdomen, and hips are wider and rounded to the thighs.

The girl’s body has slightly slimmer shapes than the boy’s, the reason being the the less prominent muscles and the smaller bone structure.

The girl’s head is covered with long hair, which falls on her back. In both, the hair is rendered by the texture of thick, vertical and parallel lines.

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