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The image shows a builder or bricklayer, standing with his arms next to his body and viewed from the front, with his body rendered blank, only outlined.

The bricklayer wears a reflective vest, a sleeveless clothing accessory that reflects light so that it is visible even in dark conditions, whether it is inside or it is night outside, and marked by the texture of thick horizontal and parallel lines.

The accessories that must come in handy for a bricklayer are a safety helmet, masonry tools and construction materials. The bricklayer wears the safety helmet on top of his head. The safety helmet is similar to a cap that is made of durable plastic, a very hard material to protect the head in case of accidents, falling materials, slipping or other. The helmet is highlighted by a tiny dotted texture.

In the image, the bricklayer holds in his hand, to his left, a trowel, a kind of small flat-bladed shovel, rendered by a triangle filled with dotted texture, with a sharp point towards the base. This is the triangular steel blade, like a thin metal sheet with which mortar or cement paste is applied, spread and smoothed on the bricks of a wall. To the metal blade is fixed a rod with a handle, at the top, rendered by a vertical and elongated oval, filled with large dotted texture.

The brick wall to be built by applying mortar is on the right side of the bricklayer. It consists of several rectangular and horizontal blocks of bricks, placed one on top of the other, in parallel rows. Brick is a building material composed of a mixture of water with sand or concrete, which is left to dry in the sun or in the oven to harden. In the image it is rendered by horizontal and embossed rectangles.

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