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The image shows the interior of a bedroom, a room or a personal space, specially designed for rest and recreation. The bedroom can be viewed from the front or from one side and includes, from left to right, a bed, a table with a chair and a wardrobe.

The bed, located on the left edge of the room, is viewed from one side, and made of a wooden or metal support, on which stands a thick mattress. The support or base can be seen in the left and right ends of the bed as two high vertical rods. The rectangular mattress, here is rendered as a, embossed, thin and long rectangle. At the left end of the bed is placed a pillow, rendered by an embossed, elongated and oblique oval.

To the right of the bed is a table, which can also be a personal desk, where recreational or professional activities can take place, in the absence of a special room for the office. Next to the table, on the right, there is a chair with backrest and four legs, but from side only two can be seen. The chair and table are rendered in thickened lines.

Above the bed and the table with chair is the wall of the room with the window. The window is rendered as a blank square, cut by a vertical line over a horizontal one, these representing the wooden frame of the window glass. On either side of the window are hanging curtains, tied in the middle or cupped, to let the light from outside into the bedroom. The curtains are highlighted embossed.

Next to the table and the chair, in the upper right, there is a clothing, blouse or sweater, hanging on a hanger. The hanger is a support made of plastic, metal or wood, used to hang clothes on it, which are kept in the wardrobe. The hanger is rendered as a triangle with a hook top, and the coat under it is highlighted embossed. The wardrobe is provided with a metal support at the top of its interior, a kind of elongated metal rod on the ceiling of the closet, for hanging clothes hangers.

The closet or wardrobe on the right edge of the bedroom is a large piece of furniture, which consists of a box with a rectangular facade, usually built of wood, with doors and interior drawers. The closet is marked by a large blank and vertical rectangle. It is cut in the middle by a vertical line to highlight the doors. In the center are two other short, embossed lines, representing the door handles.

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